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Acrylic painting with oil pastel on canvas
Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas
20 x 16

This abstract painting was created using runny acrylic painting techniques, as well as painting knives, oil pastels and oil stick. It is varnished to a very light sheen and the gallery-wrapped sides of the canvas are white and clean. There is very slight paint texture. Cick the pink button above to purchase using PayPal.
I often use my own fuzzy photographs for inspiration and I came across a photo of Lenten Hellebore that I took last spring. I loved the little umbrella (or lantern) shapes the blossoms made and pretty pinks and greens that Hellebore plants have when they are in bloom. My photographs are always a point of reference until I feel I have my colors selected and composition the way I want it, then I let the work and my own eye take over from there.